Review on Inspector Xtreme Geiger Counter w/USB

Accurate Radiation Monitoring

Inspector Xtreme Geiger Counter w/USB

Accurate Radiation Monitoring

Accurate Radiation Monitoring is available at $595.00, [this price has been reduced-see link below] this product is the best ‘bang for your buck’ in this category without spending thousands of dollars on commercial equipment.  The SE Inspector accurately measures  radiation in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma emissions.  This radiation detector has sensitivity read ranges: 0.001 (1&muR) to 100.00 mR/hr, or 0 to 350,000 CPM, or 0.01 to 1000 µSv/hr, 0 to 5,000 CPS, total counts 9,999,000 µSv/hr.  It has a wide range of settings to choose from as well as the USB adapter that allows you to download your data from the internal memory, set computer alarms, and calibrate your instrument and chart readings over time with a built in data logger that will record 24 hours to a few days [depending on the data capture intervals] of continuous readings.

I will say, it takes time to set features [getting the button sequence correct], other than that, it’s pretty straight forward.  You can watch this video tutorial if you find the written instructions confusing.

One of the features that makes this product unique is it’s built in calibrations for many different radionuclides:

  • Sulpher 35

  • Strontium 90

  • Cesium 137

  • Phosphorous 32

  • Carbon 14 [naturally occurring]

  • Iodine 131

  • Cobalt 60

  • Alpha emissions

…that can be switched on the fly in the field.  In speaking with the techs at SE International, it can also be used to check radiation readings in food, but they advise the food products to be tested be ground up first.  I used it to check canned tuna in 2014 and got very high readings of Cesium 137.

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