Review on The ‘Silver Lining’ Colloidal Silver Generator Kit CS30

colloidal silver generator

Colloidal Silver Generator

This colloidal silver generator is a small but powerful portable colloidal silver unit. The Silver Lining CS Generator runs on either a plug in power converter or one 9V battery. The power is stepped up to 30V [which mine does not have] to the silver electrodes and limits the amount of current producing the smallest particles. The unit includes:

  •  2 – 6 inch pieces of 10 gauge 9999 (99.99%) pure silver wire. Assay report on purity  is included. Note:  You will need to use .9999 medical grade pure silver.  The 10 gauge wire provided will produce many more gallons of colloidal silver than the thinner wires. The unit will accept 10 , 12 , or 14 gauge wire.
  • This unit has a red LCD light to show power is going to the silver electrodes and a DC jack where you plug in the power converter.

  • 30 volts are delivered to the silver electrodes whether you use the power converter or one 9V battery.

  • Current limiting produces the smallest particles. I can attest to this…you want as small a particle as possible generated in the suspension.  Once the current reaches a very small level, it will remain there. This prevents current “runaway”. Do not buy a generator without this feature!

The colloidal silver suspension is non toxic and contrary to urban legend, you will not turn blue from drinking it for limited periods, even in high doses.  It works to eradicate the following pathogens, illness and injuries:

  • blood born infections

  • fungus

  • bacteria

  • airborne and contact pathogens

  • influenza

  • aids in healing cuts and lacerations

  • I’ve used it in a nette pot for severe sinus infections…infection cleared in about 48-72 hours instead of weeks!

Personal Testimony: 

CA MERSA     [2013]

I contracted a strain of contact associated MERSA in 2013.  After being treated by a doctor with heavy doses of antibiotics, decongestants, eye drops, you name it for over 10 days, I was getting worse, not better.  I made and drank a gallon of the colloidal silver and by the next morning I was feeling much better.  After consuming two gallons over two days, I was able to go back to work.  This is not a medical endorsement.

Disseminated Valley Fever   [2016]

In September of this year [2016] I was diagnosed with disseminated Valley Fever with a 1:16 blood titer [1 part blood serum to 16 parts dilutant still showed antibodies to Valley Fever] and a 2.1 cm mass in my left lung. My Pulmonologist put me on Fluconazole and said it would take 6-12 months to “cure”. After taking the prescribed medication for about a month I experienced horrendous side effects: lips swelling, cracking and bleeding; a rash on the inside of my forearms; sever nausea – I couldn’t keep anything down, not even water and consequently lost 20 pounds while on the meds; my hair started falling out by the handful.  I stopped taking the Fluconazole – the only pharmacological prescription prescribed for this condition and started taking 32 oz. of colloidal silver in a 0.15 PPM/TDS solution per day along with CBD oil. Three weeks later during my next appointment with the Pulmonologist , he recommended I stop the Fluconazole immediately and due to the high titer – which he said was so high, he wanted it re-tested, sent my blood work to UCLA-Berkely.  Low and behold, the results came back with absolutely no sign of the anti-body for Valley Fever! My doctor’s response to this: “I can’t explain this…”.

Kit Includes:

  • The Silver Lining CS Generator

  • TDS Meter so you can see what you have made. [don’t try and make this suspension without a TDS meter].

  • DC power converter.

  • 2 – 6″ 10 gauge silver wires

  • Copper Cleaning Pad

  • A  durable, water resistant zipper pouch that comes in Red, Green or Blue that holds everything included with room to spare for other items. Maybe some first aid or survival items.         

You will need a gallon jug that’s been covered or painted to prevent exposure to natural and artificial light.  I’ve used a ‘sun tea’ dispenser with spigot that works well when filtering the finished colloidal suspension.  I found that glass works best and plastic jugs should not be used.  Make sure the electrodes do not touch the sides of the containment unit during the processing.  You can buy cheaper units, but it’s just not worth it.  I also found that this generator will work fine using a 2 gallon reservoir. I used 2 chopsticks to create a platform for the generator at the mouth of the larger reservoir.

In a SHTF scenario, this is a must have instead of buying stockpiles of costly medication with a shelf life and efficacy expiration.  colloidal silver generator.  colloidal silver generator.

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