Review on EMF Protection Blushield Tesla Gold Plug-In Whole House Protection

EMF protection

EMF Protection – 360 Whole House/Office Protection

EMF protection and the technology behind the Blushield Plug-In is state-of-art, the most advanced EMF protection available! This technology has taken the better part of 25 years to develop and over 2 million dollars. Blushield technology makes typical Schumann devices (7.83Hz earth resonance devices) look old fashioned. Power supplied to an advanced, proprietary microprocessor generates a multi-wave torsion field output, comprised of a wide-spectrum of biocompatible frequencies. The body absorbs and utilizes these natural frequencies, this intelligent ‘field’ of coherent information, to maintain balance and normalization of cellular functions while exposed to various sources of EMF, of which are many icluding; fatigue, headaches, malaise, sleep disruption, nausea and more. This can be verified with live blood cell analysis. Using the Blushield one will experience a reduction or elimination of symptoms related to EMF exposure. The Blushield Plug-In model comes in a US plug type, however, will work with voltages worldwide, and is made of durable, black shock-proof ABS. This model uses very little power (less than a 5W light bulb) and plugs into the mains power socket (AC outlet). It should be plugged into a dedicated socket in the center of your home or office. One Blushield Plug-In unit will cover an 80 meter sphere of space or 260 feet diameter. The Blushield Plug-in model offers optimal coverage for a single floor dwelling or office. If you have a multi-story space, it is best to install a Plug-In device on each floor for optimum protection.

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