Review on “HideMe’ GPS Spoofing App

GPS spoofer

GPS Spoofer

You can’t beat FREE…The “HideMe” GPS spoofer with the integration of GPS enabled devices, hacking devices connected to the GIG just got easier and more proliferate as explained in this article by Forbes.  This GPS spoofing application will hide your current location and any apps on your phone, websites or services by making it look like you are in another city, state or country.  This app provides the following functionality:

  • Select a location on the map

  • Change GPS location to the selected location

  • Use the saved location later or create new ones on the fly

  • How to use guide

This developer is coming out with a static IP feature later.  You can use this app to hide your actual location from ABI being collected by the NSA and various other data sweepers and maintain some sense of activity based privacy in a snooping intensive environment.  {supports Marshmallow on Andriod devices].

Other information you should know about this app includes:

  • This fake (spoof / hidden) location app requires to have play services and maps.

  • It works with whats app, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder and more

  • If the app behaves strangely then simply restart the device.

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