Review on Men’s RFID Blocker Wallet

RFID blocker mens wallet

RFID Blocker Men’s Wallet

This RFID blocker men’s wallet starting at $29.99, is a sleek men’s genuine leather RFID blocker tri-fold and an elegant choice for the man who does not want their identity and credit card information pick pocketed by NFC technology designed to steal your personal, financial information on the fly.  Most new cell phone technology comes equipped with NFC technology, in the wrong hands can be configured to ‘sweep’ sensitive data from unsuspecting people.  The technology used in this product has been tested for 13.56 MHz frequency in which the credit cards operate and has also been tested on 125 KHz Proximity Cards.  The “Leopardd” RFID Blocking Protection is designed to insulate you from ‘snoopers’ that would hijack the information contained in the ‘chips’ now contained in all credit and ATM cards we carry around in our wallets every day.

This product comes with a no hassle money back guarantee.  If you’re not 100% satisfied, they will provide you with a full refund.

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